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As an Eindhoven-based scale up and to reinforce our customers development team, we are looking for enthusiastic, experienced and ambitiousthe Java Developers and helping them grow both professionally and personal.

Organisatie- en afdelingsomschrijving

Our customer is a young and growing software services company. Developing, mission critical cloud solutions for many blue-chip clients in various industries including TV and Media, IoT and Automotive. Already they have millions of people using their award-winning software solutions on a daily basis. They help customers to execute their cloud transformation strategy and it’s our customer goal to give their end-customers the best possible experience in the cloud.

Together with your team you will be working with microservices based systems, implementing new features, share knowledge and find new ways to solve problems together. It would be safe to say that over thousands of people will make use of your solutions on a daily basis, so in order to make sure that the end-users will have the best experience when interacting with or using these products, you and your team are responsible for developing end to end solutions that make sure all systems will run smoothly on the background.

As our customer believe that cloud-based software is the way to success when it comes to building reliable and scalable solutions, they have decided to become AWS Partner. When working at our customer as a Java Developer you’ll be using AWS as one of the key technologies, and you’ll be able to receive all trainings and courses regarding AWS that are needed to become a cloud expert. This way you can help us to prolong the AWS Rising Start Award that Merapar earned in 2019!

Are you that Java Developer that always want to write clean, maintainable, well tested and documented code? Have you always wanted to be a cloud expert? Are you the one that’s always sharing knowledge with others, and is open to learn from others experiences?


You are going to like this position if you:

- want to work in a flexible and constantly evolving environment where you will develop solutions for a wide range of domains and clients;

- want to work on solutions that will be used by thousands and thousands of end-users every day;

- want to try out new technologies on the job, and want to convince your colleagues why ‘your tech’ is the best solution and fit for the challenge;

- want to have the freedom in picking courses and/or trainings you think are best for you.


You will be a fit for this position if you:

- have a degree in computer science and already have relevant work experience in this area;

- are able to solve challenges using the best practices around, like TDD/BDD, SOLID and/or design patterns;

- hate to do the same things twice, and for that reason want to automate as much as possible;

- can speak Dutch, but most importantly are fluent in English.

You will receive a hero-cape when you:

- have a lot of cloud experience in your backpack;

- are a pro using Kubernetes and Docker;

- want to share your knowledge with the rest of the company during our internal sharing moments, or as a presenter during our next Meetup.



Nicol Peeters, n.peeters@zuydermarkt.nl or 06-43379563

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